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Sorry, but the webshop is temporarily closed, we will open again in the fall
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My name is Claire Verkoyen and I am located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After a career as a ceramic artist which included decal printing and 3D animations (, I recently started DRAAIAMSTERDAM out of a need for simplicity and a love for handmade products. Learning to master the age old craft of wheel throwing was an excellent challenge for me. The outcomes are simple, modern items for daily use, produced locally in my Amsterdam studio. logo

Through DRAAIAMSTERDAM I make stoneware cups and mugs with original and one off designs. My aim is to make tableware, not for the short term, but to be used and cherished for a lifetime.

I continually ask myself questions about the functionality of the designs and accordingly the ease of use of the products. What is nicer to drink from, a thick rim or a thin rim, what type of handle looks nice as well as being sturdy and providing a good grip? How can typical designs be improved?

 Warm Your Hands cup detail

My work has led me to the belief that cups made with care and thoughtful design allow the user a much better and more enjoyable drinking experience.

A cup must be food, dishwasher and microwave safe, so only glossy commercial glazes are used. Small differences in size and colour are consequence of the handmade process and are therefore welcomed. I like to show signs of how a cup is made, so you will see the slip used to attach a handle or you will find my fingerprints still visible. cup detail

Outside of throwing cups and mugs in small series I  make one of a kind vases, jugs and teapots. Every vase is unique and made of high fired stoneware clay.

Besides my studio work I am also manager of the Ceramics Workshop of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, where I teach international art students all the ins and outs of the ceramic techniques.